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Although I do ask you to refer lots of people to this site, and to share bits and pieces along with your testimonial as to how much it helped you, please do not share direct access nor whole ebooks or audio files.

This site is for use by members of the $100K Business Tool Club. Please do not share access to this site, nor any of the materials.


Alan Boyer

The $100K Coach

This is the $100K Business Toolkit -- a subscription club that is here for one single purpose,

Help every member achieve

another $100K every few months.

I am sharing the tools that I have used to grow many of my coaching, and mastermind group clients rapidly.

The $100K Business Toolkit is a club of people who want to achieve fast growth and are looking for help to do that, and like-minded people to share their progress, struggles, and resources with.

The Toolkit consists of six sections:

Expert Business Growth Interviews

Alan will interview at one or more experts monthly in various fields of "growing your business rapidly" and provide audio or video for your to watch, and possibly some worksheets that you can use for your own business.

Monthly Coaching Calls

You will have the opportunity to experience coaching and the results of coaching on a monthly basis. Alan will be available on a monthly telecoaching call available to the club members. The monthly schedule will be posted on this page. The audio recordings from those calls are always available for download and listening by the club members.


Alan will be doing periodic teleseminars and workshops for both the club members and, at times for non-members. The audio recordings from those most of those calls will be available on this page.

Toolkit Forum

An interactive discussion group where you can get your toughest business questions answered by Alan, by other forum members, and sometimes by other top coaches who join in to the forum. Although you can view the forum discussions without joining, you cannot post your own questions. To get the most from this forum, I highly recommend that you sign up and participate.

There are three sections of the toolkit forum. The "small business section", the "coaches and consultants" section, and a "Send Out Cards" section. Each of these sections are focused on specific issues of those individuals. You can join one or two of those sections, and frequently the discussions will overlap.

  • Small business section is for all small business owners, and people managing the business for them.
  • Coaches and consultants section is for all coaches, consultants, which ranges from business consultants, IT service and consultants, and almost anyone who provides advice or consulting to any form of business.
  • Send Out Cards -- This is a special section for owners of Send Out Cards business who would like to grow that business rapidly. Discussions will be specifically on how to build that business, their sales, and their downlines. And support will be provided to help them with their own downline growth and success.


Although I do sell most of my ebooks with the information that I use to grow my coaching clients, many of them are available in this section to forum members at no cost. The only thing I ask is that, since I do sell these to non-members, I request that you do not share these outside of the forum. I do, however, ask that you share a few things from the books and suggest that others come to the forum. I will even comp you for every sale of an ebook, or for new members joining the forum.

So, yes, share bits and pieces of the ebooks and information that we discuss on the forum with your comments of how great the forum is. But please do not give away a whole copy of an ebook.


I write articles that are published all over the world, newspapers, ezines, magazines, etc. Many of these articles will be made available here, and sometimes links to articles. Also, as other articles from some top coaches become available they will be added here.

If you have a great article, please submit it for distribution to the group. It might end up on the articles page, or in the forum for discussion.

Misc. Resources

As I discover various tools and resources that grow business rapidly I'll add them in this section. If you find some, please share with others on the forum, and bring them to my attention. I want this section to constantly grow in value with new tools.

Weekly Emails

I will send weekly emails on various ideas to grow a business to the members, along with announcements of when new things are added to any of these sections.

How to get the most from your $100K Business Toolkit Club Membership

  1. Read and listen to all of the audio programs as they become available, and frequently go back to review others. Don't assume that just because you read it once, or listened to it once that you know all there is. EVERYTIME you listen I guarantee you will find another opportunity to grow your business that you missed the last time.

  2. Look through ALL of the sections and continually review, go back to see what's new in the section. We will be continually adding new material so don't assume you've been there and done that. And as I said before, read it (or listen) and then read it (or listen) again and again. Every time you do you will learn something new.
  3. PARTICIPATE in the Business Toolkit Forum -- Make sure that you always ask the questions you are struggling with. There are NO STUPID questions. Only pretending that you know the answers, or that you don't need to know the answers is stupid. The faster you find your answer the faster you will grow and make lots of money. It's stupid to not find your breakthroughs. So, join in and ask.

Make sure that you always get the answers. If you do go away and can't make it work, then come back and ask for help to make it work.

Also, jump in and help others. If you have the answers, help others. If you don't, then either ask, or watch and learn as others get their answers. But jump in.

Membership Information

For the first two months that the $100K Business Toolkit is in place, we will be gradually building value as I upload things that I have used in my coaching with clients, and we'll be building more and more value with the conversations and questions in the forum.

From Sept 1 through Nov 31 the forum will be free.

From Sept 1 through Sept 30 there will be no requirements. It's for exploration and you getting as much help as you can.

From Nov 1 through Nov 31, it's still free but I'll be asking you to official subscribe. By then you'll know what you'll be gaining every time you come to the group. So, I'll ask for a subscription, 30 days for free, and as of Dec. 1 the subscription will be $29.95 a month.

Now, here's another opportunity. Please refer everyone in business to this forum. Share some ideas from it and tell them what it did for you. Tell them to send me an email requesting a subscription. Their first month will also be free.

If any of those you refer become paying subscribers in their second month I will give you a month for free. If they buy an ebook, or become a coaching or mastermind client I'll pay you 10%. So SHARE the ideas, but please don't give them whole copies of your books, or the URL of the website.

If you would like to cancel your membership/subscription

Frankly I hope that never happens. I believe that this is so valuable and should be growing your business at over 50-100 times what it costs you. So, if it isn't then you should be asking me for help with your problem and I'll help.

So, if you do ask to cancel, the first thing I'll do is ask "How can I help you get what you wanted from this forum" and I'll help you get it.

To cancel, or to ask me for help

Send an email to AlanBoyer@leaders-perspective.com with "cancel club membership" in the subject line.

Alan Boyer,

The $100K Coach

6 Pemford Place o Liberty, MO 64068




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