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Although I do ask you to refer lots of people to this site, and to share bits and pieces along with your testimonial as to how much it helped you, please do not share direct access nor whole ebooks or audio files.

This site is for use by members of the $100K Business Tool Club. Please do not share access to this site, nor any of the materials.

Expert Interviews


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Current Interviews: Monthly interviews with top building building and super growth experts. Check the schedule below to see when the next interview should be posted. You'll also receive an email when the interview is posted on the site.

Past Interviews: Most of these interviews are saved as audio recordings on the site. Make sure that you check all of the past interviews. Listen to each interview more than once. The more you listen, or read the interview, the more you will learn. Don't read or listen once. You'll miss out on a lot.

Upcoming Interviews: One or more new interviews will be added to this page monthly. Many times these will be separate interviews with the experts, and at other times these may be workshops or seminars we participated in with that top expert.

New Interviews

Feb 12 -- How to Write Articles That Drive Traffic to Your Website --  This is a little different approach to what we'll normally be doing in that this time I was being interviewed instead of me interviewing someone else. I was interviewed by Robert Middleton, who I consider one of the top marketing coaches. Our discussion was exploring some of the things I've been doing to build my list (the money is in the list) and traffic to my website. This interview explores a step-by-step process of how to not only write articles that drive traffic to your site, but how to create a complete article marketing system that will build traffic and web visitors for years to come. This interview is full of very specific hands-on ideas you can sc

Upcoming Interviews

Business Building/Marketing Interview with David Frey -- No guarantees on this one. I'm negotiating to get David Frey who is one of the top 10 in sales at Send Our Cards, and also one of the top marketing coaches.

How to Save Time and Make Money With a Virtual Assistant -- Interview with Meredith Eisenberg, Yellow Highlighter.

Finding One Golden Goose for Send Out Cards -- Meredith Eisenberg, Yellow Highlighter is a Virtual Assistant that's found ways to turn every one of her clients into a Send Out Cards user, and how to teach other Virtual Assistants to do the same, thereby increasing her downline and their sales significantly.



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